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We repair all laptops and desktop towers. 

With the recent wide spread use of ipad and other tables, there was impression that use of laptop would be reduced drastically. However, it is observed that laptop and PC have kept their place in computing for more serious business and study work. At save computer technology, laptop and PC repair can be provided for most of the brands regardless of the time and place they are bought, provided required spare parts are available.

Chip level laptop and PC repair can be provided on need basis which can help resolve complex issues cost effectively. The issues mostly involved to fix laptop and PC are cracked monitor or screen, motherboard repair, power supply and battery charging problem, faulty hard disk, fixing of WiFi connectivity issue etc. On software side we can provide needed laptop and PC fix for OS and virus issues etc.

Our Services include:

❖ Software Setup 
❖ Hardware upgrades 
❖ Anti-virus or even chip level repair of computer mother board 
❖ cracked screen replacement 
❖ key board problem 
❖ Liquid damage repairs

Mobile Phone Repair

Ipnone Repairing Service

Replace Broken screen.

iPad Repairing Service

 For iPhone repair prices and estimates, call the number below! 

Of all the devices that come through our door, we fix iPhone the most. We’re the iPhone repair specialists in Aurora. From cracked screens to lost home buttons, we have seen it all.

Getting your iPhone fixed with us is a very smooth process, even if your touchscreen isn’t. Whichever iPhone you own, whether it be the SE, 11, X, 8, 7, 6s, 6, 5s, 5, 4s, 4, or ever the iPhone 3 — no joke, we still get those from time to time — we will have you and your Apple buddy walking out the same day you come in. 

Ever wondered how we fix a broken iPhone screen?

This is what goes on behind the scenes when we do iPhone repair. The following is the exact procedure required to replace an iPhone 6 screen.

First, turn off the iPhone (duh). Unscrew the two tiny screws on the bottom of the iPhone – these are the same size screws as every other iPhone. Once the screws are out, use a suction cup to lift the screen just enough to slip a prying tool under the broken screen.

​Whether you use a metal or plastic pry tool, be sure to lift on the actual metal frame of the screen. The cracked iPhone screen should be pried around the sides and the bottom of the screen frame since the screen will open up like a car trunk from the top of the phone. Now the guts of the iPhone are visible.

Do you own an iPad that was once intact? Stop neglecting your beautiful Apple gadget. We’ve fixed our fair share of iPads. At Lux Repair Solutions, we can fix almost any model of iPad:

We repair all kinds of iPad

  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini 1 or 2
  • iPad 2nd Generation
  • iPad 3rd Generation
  • iPad 4th Generation

 We also repair all kinds of Cell phones 

1. Samsung

2. Apple 

3. Google Pixel

4. OnePlus

5. Huawei

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